July 24, 2023

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Life was cooler in the 90s

Meet our four founders and childhood friends: Will, Rory, Matt, and Haz. Back then, social media titans like Facebook were only just beginning to gain traction, and Instagram was merely a glint on the horizon. As such, the quartet spent their formative years in the throes of unfiltered adventures and invention, away from the scrutinising glare of social validation.

Summers were a time for exploring the great outdoors and building forts in the woods, while winters were reserved for movie nights, searching for the scariest flick in the maze of Blockbuster aisles.

Growing up, their experiences were raw and genuine, unmarred by the pressure of online likes or comments. However, they observed a stark contrast in the childhood experiences of their younger siblings, who were increasingly tethered to their devices.

The boys were struck by this paradigm shift and by the realisation that life was designed to be lived outside the confines of a screen.

Their concerns deepened when they uncovered the environmental footprint of the digital world. By 2030, it was predicted that the internet would consume 20% of global energy. The stark irony wasn't lost on the foursome: the very technology drawing us away from nature was causing its destruction.

Motivated to make a change, they brought to life "Carbon Fingerprint" (CF): a haven for those who imagine a world where tech is used to bring us closer to nature and to our natural inner harmony. It encourages people to become more than users: to embrace the life beyond their phones.

Will, Rory, Matt, & Haz are just four friends on a mission, fuelled by their shared childhood experiences and a dream of a world worth putting your phone down for. This is your invitation to contribute to a mission bigger than any one of us. With the advent of AI, the Metaverse and Crypto, the internet is going nowhere but together, we can redefine our relationship to it on a planetary level and make sure we use our phones without using the planet.

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