How much of my money goes into climate projects?

80% of our revenue goes to environmental projects and . The other 20% is used to pay our employee salaries, for marketing, running and other operational costs. 

Where can I use the Carbon Fingerprint accreditation and badge?

You may use the Carbon Fingerprint accreditation on any digital asset or channel, such as social media profile, website or email footer, which you have offset using Carbon Fingerprint.

Is the internet really that big of problem?

The carbon emissions caused by the internet now exceed that of the aviation industry and globally it contributes to 7% of carbon emissions. With our increasing screen time and time spent on devices we need to address this problem as soon as possible.

Is my carbon fingerprint that big?

Across the internet, your interactions with customers, stakeholders, friends, family or fans adds up. As most brands digitise their internet usage will likely become a significant part of their overall carbon emissions and should become an integral part of their sustainability goals. CF® is a simple, quick and easy way to not just offset but capture carbon in the atmosphere and show that achievement off to your stakeholders!

Is Gold Standard a recognised and effective offsetting organisation?

To date, Gold Standard® has funded 1900 projects in 80 countries and reduced 150 million tonnes of CO2e in the atmosphere, creating $23 billion of shared value. They have collaborated with the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate (UNFCC) to become the official certification body for Gold Standard® for the Global Goals and accelerate and measure progress towards the sustainable development goals and climate targets. It’s institutional partners include the UNFCC, United Nations Development Programme, Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety, Le Gourvement De-Grand Duché de Luxembourg, WWF, Fairtrade, World Bank Group, Goldman Sachs and Australian Aid.

Are you a registered charity?

No, we are a social enterprise, meaning our organisation is structured as a business rather than a charity.

But, this doesn’t affect our mission - to make the internet a carbon capturing, climate positive industry - in fact it helps us to achieve it. We aren’t dependant on donations, which can be unreliable. Instead it frees us up to create innovative solutions that have a real market demand, meaning we can quickly make a profit that exceeds donations which we can spend on achieving our mission. (Much more effective!)
What’s more, we have low operational costs of only 20%, which goes towards employee salaries, marketing etc, meaning 80% of the revenue we make goes towards our environmental and social activities.

Can this make a difference?

Many of the projects our subscribers support focus on not just offsetting but capturing and removing carbon in the atmosphere. Importantly, this means investing in renewables and clean energy solutions, which means investing in a future where carbon isn’t emitted in the first place!
At the same time our projects help to close the digital divide and energy inequalities between richer and poor countries by investing in programmes that give jobs, education and energy resources and infrastructure to developing countries and that empower women.

My question hasn’t been answered. Who do I contact if I want to find out anything else?

Please feel free to contact our parent company help desk at hello@addvert.org. We'd love to hear from you, however we’re a small team. As such, we will endeavour to get back in touch as soon as possible and answer your questions to the best of our abilities ☺️.

Why do we need to give geographical information in some calculations?

All of the factors we ask for help to increase the accuracy of the calculator. Were need to know geographical locations because carbon emissions vary depending on how energy is generated in each region. Some countries are cleaner than others because they have more renewable energy solutions.

Can we conduct a more in-depth sustainability audit and consult on how to make your brand or business more environmentally friendly?

Yes. To connect with us about this or to talk to one of our partners please contact our parent company Addvert at hello@addvert.org. We’d love to help you make business more eco-friendly!

Any further questions we haven't answered?

Please email us at hello@carbonfingerprint.io we'll get back to you as fast as we can.