Make social media
climate positive.

Carbon Fingerprint® measures, minimises, offsets and certifies the environmental impact of influencer social media accounts. Social media activity creates carbon. A lot of it. We’re here to make every engagement climate positive.

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*Offsets starting at £1 per month

The bad news

Our daily Instagram activity creates the same amount of CO2 as flying around the world over 12,000 times.

Scrolling through Instagram for just one minute creates 1.55 grams of CO2. That’s CO2 equivalent to nearly 204 million miles of driving everyday, just from Instagram. But, as we watch, like & share the melting icecaps & burning forests we have little to no knowledge of how our digital activity is emitting more carbon than the entire aviation industry. In total, our use of the internet now makes up around 9% of global electrical energy demand, which could be as high as 50% by 2030.

User devices

Smart phones, home and devices have become one of the largest household consumers of energy. As we infinitely scroll it takes its toll..


of total digital fingerprint.


Vast digital infrastructure networks connect every corner of the globe. From cables to satellites the production & running of these networks demand energy.


of total digital fingerprint.

Data centres*

Power-thirsty data centres process & serve data to generate desired digital experiences and track our every digital move.


of total digital fingerprint.

The good news

We have an
action plan.

Social media, used sustainably, is an incredible tool for connection, activism and change. We’re here to capture the carbon it creates along the way and help you do good with your influence.



First, try to minimise your daily screen-time. Use apps and features sparingly and ideally whilst connected to Wi-Fi. Oh, and unfollow that person who’s posts make you feel bad. (This is good for your health as well as the health of the planet.)



Submit your social media usage information into our form. One of engineers will process the data privately and return your carbon capture options.



Select an incredible tree planting project to capture 200% of your Carbon Fingerprint and become climate positive. Turn every impression & engagement into tree planting & employment across the globe.



Benefit from Carbon Fingerprint® accreditation to show to your audience & stakeholders.

We currently can only accredit accounts with over 10,000 followers.


Take action,
save our planet.

Offset your Carbon Fingerprint® by supporting tree planting projects that help to build a future that is beautiful to live in. Create positive action across many of the UN Sustainable Development Goals by generating stable work, agriculture and environment in areas of our planet suffering the impacts of deforestation.

Delight your audience

Turn engagement with you content directly into positive content. Make your likes mean more.
1. Globally, almost 7 in 10 people think climate change is “a very, or extremely serious, problem”.
2. 81% of people expect companies to be environmentally conscious in their advertising and communications.
3. 45% of Britons aged 18-24 year olds believe environmental issues are the most pressing concern.

Add value to
your partnerships

Carbon Fingerprint certification makes you stand out as an attractive partner for brands at a very manageable price-point. Adding value & efficacy to sponsored content & campaigns. Up your price by being nice.

Plant trees,
save lives.

We capture your Carbon Fingerprint® by planting trees with our partners Eden Reforestation Projects. Not only do these trees sequester tonnes of carbon over the course of their lives but they create dignified work and wellbeing within historically underserved communities worldwide.

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